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ARB carries a wide variety of general accessories and promotional gear that makes 4WDing safer, easier and more enjoyable.

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Cargo Gear

From aluminium tracks and load rings, to tie down straps and ratchet straps, ARB carries a comprehensive selection of cargo gear to ensure luggage and equipment is safely stowed.

CB Aerial & Driving Light Brackets

Purpose built, clamp on brackets are available should you wish to mount additional accessories to your bull bar.

DC/AC Adaptor

This handy product will increase the versatility of your 12 volt DC accessories, allowing you to use low current draw DC accessories, such as portable lights, in AC plug outlets.

First Aid Kits & Fire Extinguishers

ARB’s range of first aid kits and fire extinguishers will help prepare you for any unexpected mishaps.

Floor & Dash Mats

ARB carries a range of dash mats and rubber floor mats for the front, rear and cargo areas of a 4WD.

Fuel & Water Containers

ARB stocks the traditional metal style of jerry can, along with several plastic containers for fuel and water storage.

Merchandise Range

ARB has a selection of merchandise available from caps, key rings, stubby holders, stickers and more.

Rooftop Canvas Bags

ARB distributes the Southern Cross range of canvas roof bags which will help protect equipment stored on your 4WD's roof rack.

Seat Covers

ARB's range of seat covers includes our durable Seatsuits and our protective sport seat covers to help keep your vehicle's interior clean.


The Rodlok bull bar mount allows your fishing rods to be securely mounted to your bull bar or nudge bar via a quick action, lever secured soft jawed clamp.

Wheel Arch Flares

Available from ARB in rubber, urethane or fibreglass, wheel arch flares provide valuable protection to surrounding paintwork from stone chips.

Wheel Chains

Carrying wheel chains is essential when travelling in alpine regions.

Drum Lifting Aid

The drum lifting aid features a rubber grip handle to allow the drum to be lifted to a horizontal position for easy pouring.

 ARB Turbo Timer

Automatic protection for your turbo engine. Features adjustable idle period and stop/cancel override button.


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