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Bushranger manufactures a broad selection of accessories that can prove extremely useful in off road situations.

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Electric Winches

Built to uncompromising standards, Bushranger's line of high quality electric winches includes three models: 9000lb, 9500lb and 12,000lb. Featuring a significantly low amp draw, a thermal overload sensor and a range of other features for high quality operating and construction, each winch is engineered to offer unbeatable recovery performance.

Air Compressors

To suit individual needs, a range of Bushranger air compressors is available, from the compact, lightweight Power Air, to the top of the range, powerful Auto Max.

Power Tanks

When you're in the middle of nowhere, generating power can be essential. Bushranger Power Tanks come in a variety of sizes, and can be used for any number of purposes – from starting a flat car battery to running a fridge. A number of optional extras are available, including a fluoro light and a 600 watt inverter.

bush pak


When gear is stowed in the roof rack basket of your vehicle, it is exposed to the elements and may be damaged over time. To prevent this, the Bushranger BushPAK, available in three sizes, is perfect for protecting your belongings.

wagon liner

Wagon Liners

To prevent damage caused by accidental spillages or to keep your vehicle clean when stowing wet or dirty gear, a Bushranger wagon liner is the perfect solution.


Spare Wheel Covers

With a variety of sizes and designs, a Bushranger spare wheel cover will enhance the appearance of your vehicle and help to protect your spare wheel from the environment.

3 in 1

General Accessories

Bushranger also offers a number of smaller accessories including the 3 in 1 Tyre Gauge, 33 in 1 Multi Tool and Compact Folding Bush Saw, all of which can be extremely useful in a variety of outdoor circumstances.


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