ARB Recovery Equipment

Other Essentials

To complete our range of recovery equipment, ARB stocks many other useful items.

Ground Anchors

Without a suitable anchor point, a winch is all but useless. There are many environments such as deserts or alpine regions where trees are few and far between, and for this reason, a ground anchor is a worthwhile addition to your recovery kit.

Product Options

Portable Rescue Tree

The Portable Rescue Tree is designed for use in softer ground such as soil, sand and mud. At just 14kg it can easily be carried over distance, and folds away neatly for storage.

Terra Firma

The Terra Firma incorporates six star pickets to provide a solid anchor in firm ground where some traditional shovel type anchors struggle to dig in. This model can be set up by one person and is fully engineered to pull apart to allow for easy storage.

Other Items

Synthetic Rope

ARB stocks both Plasma and Dynamica rope, popular alternatives to wire rope due to their strength and lightweight properties. Able to be repaired in the field, synthetic winch rope is very flexible, floats in water and is available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

Drag Chain

Five metres in length, this high tensile steel drag chain comes in a handy storage bucket.

Bushranger X Trax II

For a quick and easy recovery solution in sand, mud and snow, X Trax II are made with heavy duty rubber with galvanised steel cables and fittings and come in a quick release carry bag.


For a quick and easy recovery solution in sand, mud and snow, MAXTRAX are made using UV stable, flexible engineering grade reinforced nylon with each track weighing less than 4kg.


Available in three practical sizes for all your recovery needs.


Winching gloves are an essential recovery item.

Tow Hooks

To assist with all your towing requirements.

ARB Strap Wrap

Manufactured from 50mm wide polyester webbing, the ARB Strap Wrap solves the problem of recovery straps becoming unravelled whilst being carried or when in storage.


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