ARB Protection Equipment

Commercial Bull Bars

ARB's range of commercial bull bars was introduced to appeal to customers who needed the structural integrity associated with ARB protection equipment, but were willing to go without some of the cosmetic features that finish our products so neatly.

Features Include

1 Wing design

Multi fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle.

2 Split pan design

Split pan design provides increased strength and airflow to the engine.

3 Steel tube

76.1mm steel centre frame tube and 47.6mm outer frame tube for added strength.

4 Secure mounting

High tensile bolts securely fasten the mounting system to the chassis.

5 Driving light provision

Secure mounting points ideal for IPF driving lights.

6 Recessed indicators

Recessed indicators for protection against road debris.

7 Electric winch provision

Some commercial bars are available with electric winch provision, and have been specifically designed to accommodate the stresses of winching.

8 CB aerial brackets

Some ARB commercial bars incorporate CB aerial brackets welded behind the top cross tube.

9 Hi-Lift jacking points

Some commercial bars feature Hi-Lift jacking points, allowing a Hi-Lift jack to be mounted directly on the bar.

Please note: certain models may not incorporate all of the specific features.


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