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ARB Sprint Canopies

Three years of design and engineering backs this unique product which is the latest addition to ARB’s canopy range. The European-inspired Sprint canopy was designed in Australia to suit ute owners with an eye for quality and style.

Engineered to complement the shape of the vehicle and provide owners with a massive amount of secure storage space, the ARB Sprint canopy is the ideal solution for owners looking to transform their ordinary ute into a sleek and stylish vehicle. Equally at home out bush or in the urban streetscape, this canopy simply exudes style and incorporates a range of practical features.

The ARB Sprint canopy comes in two distinct parts, with the slimline front being permanently fitted to your ute. When opening, the entire rear section lifts up and over the front section, allowing excellent access to the tub. The rear section is also able to be completely removed to allow storage of larger cargo if required.

Backed by a 3 year, 60,000km warranty and supported by local spare parts and aftersales support, ARB’s Sprint canopy is the ideal accessory for ute owners looking for a stylish, secure storage solution.

Product Specifications


The design of the Sprint canopy gives you plenty of space for your belongings.


Optimum opening allows convenient access to all areas of the ute tub, including the sides.


The ARB Sprint canopy has been designed specifically to suit the vehicle to give it a sleek, stylish finish.



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