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Air Lockers in Competition

Of the many ARB products seen in off road competition, it’s the one you can’t see that makes the difference – ARB Air Locker diff locks continue to dominate the world’s toughest off road events, with competition diff covers also now available.

ARB 4WD equipment is used in extreme off road competition the world over. Our commitment to research, development, design and production means ARB 4x4 accessories set the benchmark for quality and reliability – two things crucial to competition use. So if you need traction you can rely on, rely on ARB Air Lockers… the world’s best already do.

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Two time winner of the UROC, Shannon Campbell, states that, “Anybody not using ARB Air Lockers is just spinning their wheels."

Air Lockers keep you moving, even in the knee deep mud of the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge.

ARB gear in action at the New Zealand Kiwi Challenge.

ARB Air Lockers are by far the preferred traction aid at Australia’s Outback Challenge.


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