Vehicle Selection

Some people buy a 4WD and then plan to go off road, others plan to go off road then buy a 4WD. No matter which of the above applies to you, there are many decisions to be made that will influence what type of 4WD you purchase.

What you want to do and where you wish to travel are questions that you should ask yourself before buying or setting up your off roader, as your final decision may limit the accessories available and therefore the places you can travel to.

For example, a small sized 4WD may be perfect for a weekend on the beach, but is it capable of carrying the 100+ litres of fuel required to cross the Simpson Desert? Likewise, is your full sized 4WD going to fit in your reserved high-rise city car park?

You may want to tow a trailer, but will your vehicle have the towing capacity to pull the one you have chosen? Will the standard suspension be able to cope with the extra load?

What about space? Is there room for a growing family as well as all your gear?

And do you require your vehicle for work as well as play?

If you are considering remote Outback travel, you’ll also need to think about the availability of spare parts, especially simple things like fan belts, hoses and tyres. It’s not uncommon to have to wait days for a part in the middle of nowhere.

As you can see, this is not a simple decision. Ultimately, you should choose your vehicle wisely as a 4WD is usually a large investment, and ensuring you purchase the right vehicle for your needs long term will mean years of off roading enjoyment. So start with a checklist and begin cross referencing needs and wants, pros and cons. You should be able to narrow your selection down to a few vehicles, making your purchase decision a lot easier.


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